Pallet 800x1200

Load capacity 600 kgs. Ref: 7.372.103

Pack of 20 cardboard boxes

4 single channel flaps 500x400x300mm white. Ref: 8.220.685

Pack of 10 cardboard boxes

With handles 450x350x300 mm kraft color. Ref: 7.372.262

Colompac transport box

Size XL with double channel 680x350x355mm. Product Ref: 3.823.479

Cardboard container box

Double channel 1180x780x800 mm. Ref: 6.680.566

Manual stretch film

118 m 23 micron transparent. Ref: 6.680.737

Sealed Air Bubble Roller

Of 60x10 m. Small bubble: 9,5 mm diameter. Ref: 7.372.158

Sealed Air Bubble Roller

120x10 m. Small bubble: 9,5 mm diameter. Ref: 7.372.147

Bubble roll

Of 5 m of 50 cms high. Small bubble: 9,5 mm diameter. Ref: 344.428

Pair of gloves 3L Microdot nitrile

Orange color, size 9. Ref: 7.506.595

Self-retracting safety cutter

18 mm light blue colour. Ref: 3.339.192

Permanent marker

Black bevelled tip. Ref: 151.103

Pack of 6 PP packing tapes

50 mm x 66 m. transparent color. Ref: 7.461.442

Fragil Preprinted Tape

50 mm x 132 m. Ref: 375.777

Sealer Tesa Packngo

For all types of core cardboard sealing 3. Ref: 8.175.393

Simonrack shelf

Simonclick plus 5/400 blue. Ref: 6.603.572

Case made of polypropylene

Dimensions: 600 x 397 x 378 mm. Ref: 9.065.641

Box office mounted with 4 compartments

Dimensions: 800 x 1800 x 500 mm. Ref: 10.225.152

Portable coat rack Alba

In metal for 26 pieces. Dimensions 890 x 1680 x 350 mm. Ref: 9.129.221

Door mat Twistermat Doortex grey

Dimensions: 600 x 900 mm. Ref: 5.359.797

Broom closet with 1 door and 3 shelves Simon Rack

In grey 180 x 80 x 50 cm. Ref: 7.256.501

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