Spaces from 1 m2 to 200 m2 . We have a modular system that allows us to create the space according to the customer's needs. Our proposal is based on the flexibility of space to offer the best customer service. At Independence Space Mallorca we will help you to find the space you most need


We know how important it is for companies to have a place to store stock, documents, objects, machinery, etc., either for use during temporary periods or for permanent storage. In our space centre/storage room in Palma de Mallorca, just a few meters from the Porto Pi Shopping Centre, we provide practical solutions to the space problems of almost any business


Every day more and more people who are self-employed do so from home, which means that they often do not have their own space to store documents or materials necessary for their activity. In Independence Space you will find the space you need at the price you wanted and with the best access from the city centre


Keeping old souvenirs that you don't want to throw away, storing the furniture in your home while you are renovating, organizing the removal of your home or simply keeping toys and clothes from when your children were small.... The options and comforts offered by having a rental space/storage room in the centre of Palma are endless

Nautical Sector

Our group has a solid knowledge of the nautical sector so we know perfectly well the storage needs of equipment and crew. Our warehouses have an effective ventilation system that avoids humidity inside.

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