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What is self storage?

Self-Storage literally means self-storage. It consists of the rental of spaces/storage rooms in modules of different sizes, closed with your own key, so that you can keep your personal belongings, your company or business, for as long as you need.

How do you rent a space/storage room?

You can call 871 575 655 or fill in the contact form. We will contact you to provide you with all the information you need. If you want to do it directly in our offices, you only need to submit the following documentation

If you are a natural person:  

  • Photocopy of DNI / NIF / NIE, Passport,...
  • Photocopy of a bank receipt for water, electricity, telephone...

If you are hiring on behalf of a legal entity:

  • Photocopy of C.I.F.
  • Photocopy of the deed
  • Photocopy of D.N.I.I./N.I.F./N.I.E., Passport,... of the legal representative.
  • Photocopy of a bank receipt for water, electricity, telephone....

What can I keep in the storage room?

You can store almost anything, but there are regulations with certain prohibitions:  

The regulations prohibit the storage of: flammable, dangerous, illicit, toxic, explosive, jewellery, precious metals, works of art, cash, perishable or malodorous products, as well as any other products that may cause damage, either to the storage room or to the rest of the goods in the centre. It is also not allowed to keep vegetables, animals, living or dead.

Customers are not allowed to carry out any activity other than stockpiling, such as industrial, commercial, craft, professional, recreational, cultural, educational or similar activities.

In addition, the State security forces have full power to enter their space, module or storage room when we detect any anomalous or strange situation that may harm or put at risk the security of the rest of the clients and/or the company or when they themselves request it.

Do I have to declare all the goods I store?

No, but you must ensure that you do not bring into the space/storage room items that are punishable by law, flammable or explosive products, items with short shelf-life or items that are listed in the question.

Do I have to insure the things I want to store at Independence Space?

The contract includes a standard insurance that covers a fixed amount depending on the size of the space/storage room or mini-warehouse. But if you want to increase this insurance you can do it quickly and easily, consult our advisors.

Can I put shelves in the space/storage room?

Yes, you can arrange and organize your space/storage room as you see fit. As long as it is an improvement for you, without damaging the facilities.

How do I close my space/storage room?

Your space/storage room is for private use, so it is locked with a padlock, to which only you have the key. We have locks for sale so you don't have to go looking for one, and if you already have one, you can bring it with you. But it is always necessary to place a padlock on the door of your storage room, even though in the centre we have 3 access systems prior to reaching your space/storage room.

Who has access to my space/storage room?

Each customer has an entrance control to access the car park, a personal pin code to access the building and a tag with a personal PIN code to access the corridor where your space/storage room is located, so that only you or the people authorized by you can access your space.

What are the centre's opening hours?

Access to the spaces/warehouses for customers is extended 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The centre's office is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00h. Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00h.

Do I have to leave deposit?

Yes, the deposit corresponds to one month's rent and to the vehicle's access control, it is returned at the end of the contract and the storage room is left empty.

How do I get my stuff into the storage room?

You can bring them yourself on the trips that are necessary or hire this move with us. Remember that we are here to help and advise you, both with the size of your space/storage room and the transport to it. Ask us any questions first and we will be happy to help you.

Can I change the size of the space/storage room or mini-storage room?

Yes, one of our advantages is maximum flexibility, we have a modular system to adapt to customer needs, so you can change the size as your needs require.

How do I calculate the space I need?

If your problem is that you don't know how much space you need, you can contact us (871 575 655) for advice.  Also, if you need to store all the furniture and objects in your home, you can follow this example:

for a flat of 80 m2 you will need approximately 11 m2.

You can also consult our Spaces tab.

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